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VFX stands for Visual Effects. It plays an important part in filmmaking. VFX helps to create or manipulate imagery outside the context of a live shot.

Earlier it used to be expensive, but now, even independent filmmakers with fewer amounts of funds can use software which is easy to use as well as affordable. It is a mixture of real life shooting with false imagery. With soft wares like camera $-d, visual effects can be incorporated in different places. In many science fiction films, VFX is needed to make the story telling process way smoother and easier.

History of VFX in India

There are several top VFX studios in India these days. But VFX was used from the silent era of cinema. It was first seen in India in Dada Saheb Phalke’s Kaliamardhan in the year 1919. Even the VFX used in the latest bond movies is a contribution of the VFX artists in India.  The first movie which was completely made by using a computer was AMMOROU, a Telegu movie. Presently 10% to 15 % of the budget is dedicated to VFX.  People feel that they number can go up to 30 – 35 % as well. V Srinivas Mohan, Anish Khurana is some of the well known VFX designers.

Role of VFX

VFX is responsible for the Animation Studios Chennai India and Indian cinema. They are integral to a movie’s appeal.  It is usually a planned process which takes place before pre- production as well as post production. The work is primarily done in post production, where you can use several tools and technologies like modelling, graphic design, animations and much more. Special effects can also be added to a film. Films like Bahubali, Skyfall, Madagascar, and Life of Pi were considered iconic because of VFX.

Scope of VFX

Now days, many youngsters are interested in opting for VFX as a career. There are several courses available. Many youngsters are opting for this field. VFX can be categorised into Stimulation FX, Matter Painting, Modelling, Animation, and Compositing. Many people work as a free lancer. India is a talent hub when it comes to VFX. There has been a tremendous growth in the industry. It might not be a mainstream career choice as people often want to become engineers or doctors. But VFX industry pays well as well as you can explore your creative side. So, if you want to pursue your career in some different fieldScience Articles, then VFX can be a good option.

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