Install the theme top

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of WordPress installed.
  2. You can upload theme to WordPress in one of two different ways:
    • Extract the and upload the extracted theme folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory on your FTP server. Help Video
    • OR go to Appearance > Themes and click on the Add New link at the top

      and click Choose File, then select and click Install Now.
  3. After you upload the theme, activate it by going to Appearance > Themes and place your mouse over the theme and click the Activate button underneath.

Notice: If you had any content before you installed the theme, maybe you need to regenerate the thumbnails of the posts to work fast the theme. Here is a tutorial.

Update the themetop

From time to time, a theme update will be released that either fixes a bug and/or adds new features to the theme. You can update the theme in one of three ways:

  1. Remove the old version of the theme by going to Appearance > Themes and activating another theme (you may want to place your site in Maintenance mode via a plugin). Then, hover your mouse over the theme image and click Theme Details. Then click delete in the lower right corner of the window that appears. Then, follow the installation instructions above to install the new version of the theme.
  2. OR you can upload the new /Theme folder from the file via FTP and overwrite the old files.
  3. OR you can use the Envato Market plugin which you can update the items automatically.

Updating the theme will overwrite any changes you made to any of the core theme files (index.php, style.css, header.php, etc), but you will not lose any changes you made to the Customizer, Menus, Widgets, etc.

Mega Menu (category articles dropdown)top

The mega menu only works with categories, and top level menus only.

  1. Open the WP Admin > Appearance > Menus
  2. Enable the CSS classes on the top right Screen Options button.
  3. Choose the Desktop Menu to edit, if it not chosen by default.
  4. Add a category what you want to the menu from the categories.
  5. Add weart-megamenu class to the CSS classes option in the category.
  6. Save the menu.

Social Iconstop

To make a social menu just create a menu, and make a position to social menu.

  1. click the “Custom Links
  2. Add url to your social profile like:
  3. Add link text the social platform name like: facebook ; twitter or instagram… etc.  (lowercase, no somicolon). See the full list a little further down.
  4. Save the menu

Brands icon list

You can  use all Font Awesome icons for example:

  • 500px, adn, amazon, android, angellist, apple, 
  • bandcamp, behance, bitbucket, btc, black-tie, bluetooth, buysellads, 
  • cc-amex, cc-diners-club, cc-discover, cc-jcb, cc-mastercard, cc-paypal, cc-stripe, cc-visa, chrome, codepen, codiepie, connectdevelop, contao, css3, 
  • dashcube, delicious, deviantart, digg, dribbble, dropbox, drupal, edge, 
  • eercast, empire, envira, etsy, expeditedssl, 
  • font-awesome, facebook, firefox, first-order,  flickr,  font-awesome, fonticons, fort-awesome, forumbee, foursquare, free-code-camp, 
  • get-pocket, gg, git, github, gitlab, glide, google, google-plus, google-wallet, gratipay, grav, 
  • hacker-news, houzz, html5, 
  • imdb, instagram, 
  • internet-explorer, ioxhost, 
  • joomla, jsfiddle, 
  • lastfm, leanpub, linkedin, linode, linux, 
  • maxcdn, meanpath, medium, meetup, mixcloud, modx, 
  • odnoklassniki, opencart, openid, opera, optin-monster, 
  • pagelines, paypal, pied-piper, pinterest, product-hunt, 
  • qq, quora, 
  • ravelry, rebel, reddit, renren, rebel, 
  • safari, scribd, sellsy, shirtsinbulk, simplybuilt, skyatlas, skype, slack, slideshare, snapchat, soundcloud, spotify, stack-exchange, stack-overflow, steam, steam-square, stumbleupon, superpowers, 
  • telegram, tencent-weibo, themeisle, trello, tripadvisor, tumblr, twitch, twitter, 
  • usb, 
  • viacoin, viadeo, vimeo, vine, vk, 
  • wechat, weibo, whatsapp, wikipedia-w, windows, wordpress, wpbeginner, wpexplorer, wpforms, 
  • xing, 
  • yahoo, yelp, yoast, youtube

Share Buttons on the articles top

The theme has a great social engagement, it programmed to make your content viral. 

To add share buttons, you need to Install the Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin, but when you activate the theme, the system  draws attention to installing the plugin.

After you install and activate the plugin, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to WordPress Admin => Settings => Simple Share Buttons
  2. Add the buttons that you want on the top (just pull them down)
  3. Check that there is no location is selected
  4. Click the styling and set it up like the screenshot:

    Important to delete the text from Call To Action
  5. Save the settings with this button on the upper right:

Create Post with Lead texttop

Tons of oportunities to write a post. Here is a little video tutorial to show the basics:

Lead or Excerpt (important to use)

To create a lead text in WordPress it has two way, but this theme supports only one way, the excerpt.

In the post edit mode the top right corner click the Screen options button. And check the Ecxerpt (only once you have to do this).

Scroll down the Excerpt section and type the lead text.

Save or Publish.

Responsive Video embed into a Post top

All you need to do is paste the video URL into the content area and the theme will make the embed responsive automatically.

Make sure is that the URL is in it’s own line and not clickable (hyperlinked). For example:


With the WordPress Theme customizer you can personalize how the theme seems.

Open WordPress Administration panel, and navigate Appearance => Themes, roll over the theme and click the Customize button. After you have done the customization just click the save, and refresh your site.

Almost all Our templates support this functions:

  • Header logo, or title You can add Logo Image instead of Text Logo .
  • Background image, or color Fixed or tiled background image, is up to you.
  • Layout, several layout options for the theme elements
  • All colors are changeable: Font, Meta, Border and Link colors
  • Most of theme blocks are turnable.
  • Advertises Banner sections.
  • Favicon the site logo for browsers. For example: Browsers page left corner, or the mobile home screen icon.
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • … etc. Just head over and explore the opportunities.

Create large post to Homepagetop

In the home and the archive pages have four different post look. Large, extralarge, extra-extralarge and small.

Make large post

The default look is the small, but if you want the large you just add the “large” tag into the post in post edit mode.

In the post edit mode scroll down the Tags section, type the “large” or “l”“xl”“xxl” word into the field and click the add button.

Lastly don’t forget Update or Publish the post.

Open a WooCommerce storetop

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination.

More information about the plugin.

Full user guide about the usage

Make a translation for the themetop

The theme has a themename.pot file which contains all strings in the template which means this theme is fully translateable.

This .pot file you have to translate your own language, what you can do with an offline and an online tool. I suggest the online tool, which is a plugin: Loco Translate  (Beginners guide)

Here is a detailed help to make a translation for any of our themes.

Developer’s Guide to NewsPapertop

If you are a developer maybe this is useful to you.

Folders structure

  • CSS folder: CSS, and SASS files The main stylesheet, is the style.scss every other css enque by functions.php wp.css (basic formatting for WordPress elements), and normalize.css
  • fonts: EnglishTowne font, converted webfont by fontsquirrel, and FontAwesome
  • include: WordPress query loops content, for recommendations, index and category, share buttons and the pager
  • languages: contains the newspaper.pot file to the translations.
  • JS: the meanmenu (menu script) and the main.js (custom jQuery), functions.php enqueue the others (jquery and jquery-masonry)

Sources and Credits