How to Screen Share on Skype

Share your Skype screen to someone and show your in our contacts list, It’s basically for using our screen data, pictures, files etc.

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Screen sharing is one of the best and quickest ways of collaborating with a friend or a business person. With the help of this you can now show your entire computer screen or just a single program of your choice to the person you want. Screen sharing is the fast and trouble-free answer. Screen sharing is a feature on Skype which is free for all Skype users, though in case you want to share a business file or a college assignment with other person you can screen it during a video call or with many people at once.

For sharing the Skype screen follow the below given steps and share your screen in an efficient manner.

  • First of all, to share your Skype screen.
  • Now tap on the person with whom you want to share your screen.
  • After this start a voice or video call by taping on the call button icon.
  • Now choose to select Share screens option by tapping on the + sign on the screen.
  • In case you’re using more than one screen at a time, then choose the screen that you want to share.
  • Afterwards use the Share your screen drop-down menu option to select on what to want to share with the person.
  • Your full desktop screen or a specific window > and then choose Start.
  • In case you want to modify what you’re sharing, then tap on the drop-down arrow in the floating call window.
  • Finally to stop sharing your screen, choose Stop sharing.

In case you want to share screen with multiple persons or want any another person to help you in a meeting demonstrate then you can grant control to that person easily. Always keep in mind that you can control the sharing process, and   can stop it anytime.

  • For this go to sharing toolbar and then tap on give Control option.
  • Choose the name of the individual you want to give control to.
  • Now Skype will send a notification to that individual to let them know that you’re sharing control of your Skype screen.
  • In case you want to take control backFree Web Content, tap on give Control again >and then tap to take Back Control.

In case you face any sort of difficulty then you can dial a Skype toll free helpline number and get instant help from the expert technicians efficiently.

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